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New York: Gotham, 2008. org/teen/food_fitness Dozens of articles for teens about healthy weight, body image, and eating disorders, including anorexia. htm Anorexia information includes recommended reading and directories of national organizations and treatment centers all over Canada. htm This site has answers to a range of frequently asked questions about anorexia. It also provides advice for people who suspect that a family member has the disorder. org This Web site covers health issues that are important to teens, including issues related to body weight and personal relationships.

They may have started dieting and then found that they enjoyed watching the numbers on the scale drop. Even when they become too thin, they don’t want to lose that sense of accomplishment. Another reason boys develop anorexia is that they are in sports in which weight is an issue. These include running, swimming, or wrestling. 29 G ANOREXIA(an uh REX ee uh) an eating disorder that causes people to starve themselves, usually resulting in weight 15 percent or more below normal COUNSELOR(KOWN suh luhr) a professional who helps people who have personal or psychological problems EATINGDISORDERan unhealthy, extreme concern with food, body image, and eating FORMULA(FORM yoo luh) a method of calculating healthy and unhealthy weight ranges for each age GENE(JEEN) the basic unit of heredity, the information passed from parent to child that determines the way the body looks and works LANUGO(la NOO go) a covering of soft downy hair that grows on the face and body of people with severe anorexia MENSTRUALPERIOD(MEN stroo ul PEER ee ud) several days during each month when a nonpregnant woman’s body sheds the bloody lining of the uterus NUTRIENTS(NOO tree uhnts) substances that provide nourishment for the body SEVERE(suh VEER) very bad or dangerous THERAPY(THARE uh pee) counseling or treatment to cure physical or psychological problems 30 21st CENTURY SKILLS LIBRARY F M I Books Arnold, Carrie.

But kind words and friendship are healing. If you think someone may be struggling with anorexia, talk to her or him. Or tell an adult what you suspect. If you are wrong, that’s OK. But if you’re right, you may save a life. Anorexia affects individuals. But the solutions are everyone’s business. HEALTH AT RISK: A 21Century Content st Most of those who suffer from anorexia are female. But boys can get anorexia, too. Experts say that about 10 percent of people with the disease are male. Some of these are boys who have been overweight.

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