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By Chardonnens, L.S.

This e-book deals an research of the prestige and serve as of the Anglo-Saxon prognostics of their manuscript context, a research in their advent to and transmission in Anglo-Saxon England, and, for the 1st time, a finished variation of prognostics in outdated English and Latin

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Vi and Harley 3667. In this case, vertical text transmission took place, whereas lateral transmission did not occur. The example illustrates that prognostics moved from one type of computus to the next but were not necessarily copied into other manuscripts of the same type of computus. It is conceivable that there are prognostics which show lateral transmission. Some of the prognostics in Tiberius C. i + Harley 3667 and St. John’s College 17, both Byrhtferth’s computi, are related, for instance, as are the calendars containing Dog Days in Vitellius A.

45 The Abbonian computus was to shape the computistical work of Byrhtferth, Abbo’s pupil at Ramsey. 46 The Winchester computus, which came into being around 978, is next and may have been the work of one person. It is partly indebted to the Leofric-Tiberius computus. A number of manuscripts have derived their versions of the computus from the Winchester type. Finally, Byrhtferth compiled a computus of his own, based on an Abbonian computus probably in his possession, while also taking material from the Leofric-Tiberius and Winchester computi, and from an unidentified pre-Abbonian computus.

54 Pulsiano (1994b: 51-53). g. in CCCC 422, Arundel 60 and Titus D. xxvii. See Henel (1934a: 26, n. 647). On the link between Vitellius E. xviii and Titus D. xxvii, see Pulsiano (1998a; 1998b: 99-103). 53 38 C HAPTER TW O redaction,56 as is the glossed Apuleian Sphere. Caligula A. xv + Egerton 3314 and Vitellius E. xviii are the only Anglo-Saxon manuscripts to have an Old English text on the unlucky days, a genre of which I have found only one insular Latin representative, in St. John’s College 17.

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