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The rich man declared about the Last Hour: “And neither do I think that the Last Hour will ever come. " (Qur’ān, al-Kahf, 18:36).

It thus appears that a reconstruction and redefinition of the male and female conduct and roles in sexual relations as well as in society, as a prelude to the transformation of society, is a necessary corollary of Dajjāl’s modern feminist revolution; 53 • “People would have sexual intercourse in public like donkeys”. Widespread pornography with explicit sexual intercourse now publicly available just a click away on the main Yahoo and Hotmail webpage banners on the internet, on cable television and in video shops at street corners in cities around the world did not appear by accident.

The corruption of money described above and the stage-bystage growth of the monetary system that would soon culminate with Israeli rule over the world cannot be explained without reference to Dajjāl, as well as to Gog and Magog, within the ‘Signs of the Last Day’. Also among those institutions was the secular system of education with its crown in the modern secular university. The secularization of knowledge eventually led to a secular interpretation of the universe and of reality in which the subject of ‘Signs of the Last Hour’ faded away from consciousness.

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