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By Petteri Pietikainen

This can be the 1st book-length research of Modernist utopias of the brain. Pietikainen examines the psychodynamic writings of Otto Gross, C G Jung, Wilhelm Reich and Erich Fromm. once they broke from Freud and orthodox psychoanalysis, Pietikainen argues, utopianism turned more and more very important to the elemental targets of all 4 thinkers. He indicates how Gross' "Matriarchal Communism", Jung's "Archetypal Cosmos", Reich's "Orgonomic Functionalism" and Fromm's "Socialist Humanism" have been makes an attempt to reshape social buildings and human family members by way of conquering the subconscious. Pietikainen locations the 'utopian impulse' with the ancient context of the big, violent socio-political narratives of the early 20th century. This leading edge interdisciplinary ebook contributes to ongoing scholarly discussions concerning the historicity as opposed to the universality of human nature.

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The following year the Kazan group of Freudians joined Moscow’s Psychoanalytic Society. Then, in the autumn of 1922, the Institute for Psychoanalysis was founded in Moscow. After the establishment of Freudian institutes in Vienna and Berlin, it was the third psychoanalytic training centre in Europe (and in the world). In 1923, the Moscow Institute had thirty members, which made it a remarkably large national group in the International Psychoanalytic Association. One of the most distinguished members of the institute was Sabina Spielrein, a RussianJewish psychiatrist who had originally been an analytic patient of Jung at the 34 Alchemists of Human Nature Burghölzli in Zurich.

43 In the Soviet Union, ideology was perceived as an omnipotent tool that could be used to change human behaviour and influence all areas of life, including work productivity and health. Such ideology-as-political-therapy could turn an ill person into a healthy one, and a healthy person into a pure-hearted comrade and a tireless builder of a new society (a true Stakhanovite). Obviously, Russian 42 Alchemists of Human Nature psychoanalysts were driven by their own illusory hopes and beliefs, and at first most of them did not appear to see any contradiction between psychoanalysis and the developing totalitarianism - or, if they did see contradictions, they prudently decided to keep quiet.

14 This last objective introduced an explicit utopian element to psychoanalysis in the Soviet Union. Soviet psychoanalysts, who attempted to legitimate Freudian theory by interpreting it within a Marxist ideological framework, started to investigate the influence of social structures on personality formation. Trying to be as faithful as possible to Marxist doctrines, psychoanalytic researchers centred on the possibility of transforming society through social therapy. 15 Marxist doctrinarians increasingly dictated the alleged scientific analysis of the psyche.

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