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By V S Letokhov, Pierre Meystre

The beginning of quantum electronics in the midst of the twentieth century and the subsquent discovery of the laser ended in new developments in physics and a couple of photonic technolgies. This quantity is devoted to Peter Franken, a pioneer of nonlinear optics, and contains papers by way of the founders of quantum electronics, Aleksandr Prokhorov, Nicolaas Blombergen, and Norman Ramsey. the subjects lined diversity from astronomy to nuclear and semiconductor physics, and from basic difficulties in quantum mechanics to purposes in novel laser fabrics and nanoscience.

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PAPCHENKO and I. 1. SOBELMAN a The nucleus in the excited state due to interaction with the electron shell of the ion goes to the ground state ao and one of the bound electrons goes to the continuous spectrum. This process is similar to Auger autoionization. In the general case the decay of the nuclear excited state -+ ao can be caused which gives the radiative width either by emission of a y-quantum h w = or by the processes of autoionization ( 1 ) , which gives the width The total width is nl Ea - Eao ' rn r a reo r = r, + re ;re = I,re (nl) .

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