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This e-book covers the nomenclature and modeling of carbon nanomaterials, contains examples of surfaces and skinny motion pictures of fullerenes, and examines the morphology and constitution of carbon nanotubes and the characterization of peapod fabrics through transmission electron microscopy. It additionally offers electro-optical houses and self-assembly and enrichment in carbon nanotubes, by way of innovations for the chemical functionalization of carbon nanohorns and endohedral metallofullerenes. eventually, the purposes of endohedral metallofullerenes in quantum computing and of functionalized carbon nanotubes in drugs finish this attention-grabbing evaluation of the field.

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These structures are therefore referred to as herringbone-bamboo (Fig. 16. Schematic representation of the microscopy images produced by different linear carbon nanoforms. 2 Herringbone Synthesis Herringbone structures are produced via CVD growth processes under very similar conditions to conventional MWCNT growth. They have typical diameters 50–150 nm (although can also be thinner) and lengths up to 200 μm,105 or smaller (20–50 nm106 ). 105 The structural variations for nanotubes and fibers during CVD are linked to a number of factors, notably the growth temperature and pressure, feed gas composition, presence of impurities, and choice and status of the catalyst particles.

01-Tagmatarchis-ch01 March 28, 2012 10:3 PSP Book - 9in x 6in 01-Tagmatarchis-ch01 “Necklace” Tubes/Nanobells Finally, there are also many theoretical studies examining the possibility that helical nanotubes are constructed, not from a periodic hexagonal array of carbon, but from layered carbon consisting of pentagons, heptagons, and optionally hexagons. These “Haeckelite” structures and their potential involvement in helical nanotube structure are discussed further below. 3 Applications of Helical Nanotubes Coiled multi-walled tubes have been shown to have strength comparable to SWCNTs131 and have been proposed as a suitable filler for composite reinforcement; in principle, they should be superior to straight nanotubes due to improved anchoring into the embedding matrix and better load transfer.

16 Other Molecular Forms As well as the fullerenes, once hydrogen termination is included there are a vast range of other carbon molecular forms. There are books devoted to the structure and properties of fused polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,224 small “graphene-like” platelets of finite size, beginning with benzene (C6 H6 ). We mention here only some special cases due to unusual topologies, and only discuss those for whom an experimental synthetic route has been devised; there are many more theoretically proposed structures in the literature.

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