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By Bernd Thaller

Advanced visible Quantum Mechanics is a scientific attempt to enquire and to coach quantum mechanics using computer-generated animations. it's a self-contained textbook that mixes chosen issues from atomic physics (spherical symmetry, the hydrogen atom, and debris with spin) with an creation to quantum info thought (qubits, EPR paradox, teleportation, quantum computers). It explores relativistic quantum mechanics and the unusual habit of Dirac equation ideas. a sequence of appendices covers very important subject matters from perturbation and scattering idea. The ebook areas an emphasis on rules and ideas, with a good to average quantity of mathematical rigor.
Though this booklet stands on my own, it may possibly even be paired with Thaller visible Quantum Mechanics to shape a finished direction in quantum mechanics. The software program for the 1st e-book earned the eu educational software program Award 2000 for remarkable innovation in its box.

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The function h is connected to f via an integral transformation that is known as the Hankel transformation, 2 π h(k) = (−i) ∞ 1/2 f (r) jˆ (kr) dr. 182) 0 The Hankel transformation is the “radial Fourier transformation” in the angular-momentum subspace belonging to the quantum number . The inverse Hankel transformation can be derived from the formula for the inverse Fourier transformation. It is given by f (r) = i 2 π ∞ 1/2 h(k) jˆ (kr) dk. 183) 0 Like the Fourier transformation on L2 (R3 ), the Hankel transformation extends to a unitary transformation on L2 ([0, ∞)), ∞ 0 ∞ |f (r)|2 dr = |h(k)|2 dk.

55) for which the time-dependence is only a phase factor (with absolute value = 1), so that predictions of physical properties do not depend on time. It is important to note that the invariance under a symmetry transformation may be related to a degeneracy of eigenvalues. An eigenvalue E is called degenerate if there are several linearly independent eigenvectors belonging to that eigenvalue. The subspace spanned by all these eigenvectors is called the eigenspace belonging to that eigenvalue. The dimension of the eigenspace is called the degree of degeneracy by physicists and the multiplicity by mathematicians.

2–4 deal with the uniform motion of a free particle and the circular motion of the rigid rotator and discuss the description of these systems in terms of spherical coordinates. 84) ∂ϑ 1 ∂er eϕ =(− sin ϕ, cos ϕ, 0) = . 25. 84), verify the following formulas: er · eϑ = 0, eϑ · eϕ = 0, eϕ · er = 0, er · er = 1, eϑ · eϑ = 1, eϕ · eϕ = 1, er × eϑ = e ϕ , e ϑ × eϕ = e r , eϕ × er = e ϑ . 85) At each point, the three unit vectors thus form a right-handed, orthonormal system. 86) 28 1. SPHERICAL SYMMETRY The collection of formulas is completed by giving the expression for the gradient operator ∇ in spherical coordinates ˆ = er ∂ + 1 ∇ ∂r r eϑ ∂ 1 ∂ + eϕ ∂ϑ sin ϑ ∂ϕ .

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