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This record follows on from theWord processing utilizing LaTeX rfile. It describes the beneficial properties of LaTeX that individuals at CUED are probably to take advantage of. extra details is accessible from the LaTeX aid web page and within the books on hand for mortgage from the operators within the DPO.

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Collaborators If you often collaborate with others on group projects, you’re an ideal candidate for cloud computing. The ability to share and edit documents in real time between multiple users is one of the primary benefits of web-based applications; it makes collaborating easy and even fun. Suppose, for example, that you’re in charge of an upcoming presentation to the senior management of your company. You need to work with the heads of your company’s various departments, which happen to be based in a halfdozen locations.

At this level, the vendor runs a single instance of the application that serves every user. A unique user experience is provided via configurable metadata, and authorization and security policies ensure that each user’s data is kept separate from that of other users. At the fourth and final level of maturity, the vendor hosts multiple users on a load-balanced farm of identical instances. Because the number of servers (and instances) can be increased or decreased as necessary to match demand, this type of system is scalable to a large number of users.

With SaaS, a single application is delivered to thousands of users from the vendor’s servers. Customers don’t pay for owning the software; rather, they pay for using it. Users access an application via an API accessible over the web. Each organization served by the vendor is called a tenant, and this type of arrangement is called a multitenant architecture. The vendor’s servers are virtually partitioned so that each organization works with a customized virtual applicaAn API (application tion instance.

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