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Sometimes the attempt to isolate the second and third have given rise to a criticism of unreality and the effort has therefore been too little supported to be pursued, though the criticism could well have arisen because of insufficient initial examination of the trainee's deeper needs as well as perhaps unskilful presentation by the trainer: it is, after all, a field in which few trainers are as yet sufficiently practised and few trainees know what they really need or how to get it. Reference has already been made to the role of a developing imagination as a basic need for creative and responsible behaviour: obviously this is a major conceptual skill and has the immense value of being capable of early translation into practice.

It is evident that, to begin with, the qualities revealed by research and the interpretation of the foregoing paragraphs must be sought: unfortunately we do not yet know well enough what leadership potential looks like and our methods of finding it are crude and inefficient, perhaps even more inefficient than our methods of developing it when it has been discovered. It is perhaps healthy to admit that straight away and to start at the beginning by acknowledging that we are engaged in a task which is not only complex but likely to remain unclear for some time, but that on the other hand we can use as first steps such material as Ross and Hendry offer us.

In fact, often a compromise or rather a kind of rhythm develops: the circumstances of the situation, such as time available and the group's experience, usually limit the ultra-democratic permissiveness which might perhaps be desired in some cases, and there is a balance between group decisions fully and freely reached without LEADERSHIP UNDER SCRUTINY 47 manipulation and those decisions made by a central authority in a sensitive awareness of the group and willingly sanctioned by the group. It is the very core of democracy that it must function effectively and produce good results while promoting truly human values and affording deep satisfaction to its members.

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