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Me a story! a) tell b) say c) told d) said 20. Johnny, always ... the truth! me all your problems. a) Tell b) Say c) Told d) Said 40 a) tell b) said c) say d) told HABITUAL - CONTINUOUS 1. Every day he a) is drinking c) drink a bottle of beer. b) drinks d) is going to drink 11. We a) b) c) d) 2. She you something this afternoon. a) is going to tell b) she is telling d) tell c) tells 3. We .... it now. a) are to eat c) eat always tennis at six. am going to play play are playing playing 12. We ....

A) afraid so b) afraid c) afraid yes d) afraid if 16 7. The children are in bed, a noise! a) don't do b) don't make c) doesn't make d) doesn't do here, children! a) Do you come b) Come c) Come you d) You come 17. Mr. Brown, .... with me, please. 8. ' a) hope that yes b) hope yes c) think that yes d) hope so 18 9. ' a) that yes b) yes c) so d) if a) come b) come you c) you come d) comes making that noise! a) You stop b) Stops you c) Stop you d) Stop 19. ' ' ' a) I'm afraid so b) I fear yes c) I'm afraid yes d) I fear that yes 20.

I'll be back by 6. They .... by then. a) will have finished b) have will finished c) will had finished d) will had finish 7. Next week they .... married for 10 years. a) will have be b) will have been c) will be d) have been 8. By four o'clock, I ... this book. a) will read b) will have read c) will be read d) have read 14. The secretary .... all the letters by 12 o'clock. b) will have typed a) has typed c) will be typing d) will had typed 15. I .... by the year 2020. a) will have retired b) will retire c) am retiring d) will be retire 16.

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